1 Call Can Reduce Stress, Workload, And Overwhelm While Increasing Profits.
Join me for a personal 45-minute complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session Call to find out what's Blocking your success & how You can be more Productive 
in your 6 or 7 figure business.
Here's what you will discover:

We'll dive deep to find out what causing you to not be your most Productive you can be, work to correct it, and find the best way to keep you on track from that moment, forward.

  • Simple Daily Life Tweaks - Change the way you think and live...
  • Easy, Fast, & Long Lasting - From seconds to minutes each day...
  • Take Control - Get Clear & Actionable Strategies
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What My Clients are Saying...

"Your one tip has changed everything"
~ Sadie C.

One call with Sadie had her STOP doing things that were wasting her time and START doing things that have created momentum in her business where she has a clear Vision of what to do (& what not to), and, as a result, has created paying clients. Sadie is now looking at working with me one-on-one for additional coaching.

"Helped me figure out how I was spending my time. If you decide to work with Jenny, I'm sure you'll see improved productivity as well." ~Thomas B.

Thomas had no idea how he was spending his time for work...he just knew he seemed to be working ALL THE TIME. He wanted to be able to 'prove' he was worth more and I was able to help him track what he was doing so he could get paid more.

"You showed me how to work in time blocks so I could schedule my time to get more done. Thank you!" ~Jillian R.

Jillian had 2 businesses running her but because of some suggestions on how to better block her time and let others know her boundaries, she is now running her businesses the way she wants and getting paid with less stress, doing what she loves!
What My Clients are Saying...

"Just from a chance lunch meeting, Jenny shared with me some tips to organize myself that I can go home & run with."  ~Wendy P.

Wendy was missing appointments and had a disorganized life, stressing about things she didn't need to. I showed her a simple tweak in how she uses her existing calendar to reduce stress and increase organization.

"From our 1st (discovery)call, I now get up earlier like I've wanted to but couldn't and now do the things I used to make excuses for. I'm getting so much more done now." Tanya B.

Tanya went from not getting anything done in the mornings to getting heaps done before her 3 year old gets up and went on to a Silver Coaching program.
Helping 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Do Less & Profit More. Book a Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session Today.
Start Today and Live Your Life with Freedom & Control.
Delegate. Automate. Multiply Time

From the Desk of: Jenny Sung

Thank you for taking this step for YOU. Time is our most precious resource and I want YOU to feel in better control of it!

Are you TIRED of being overwhelmed, overworked, & stressed, trying to Prove to yourself you can DO IT ALL?

It doesn't have to be this way.

I've worked with business owners to 12.5X their Revenue with simple tweaks, Multiplied clients' time by 100X - yes - that is NOT a typo - 100X and I'll share with you how you can Multiply YOUR Time.

Having a business doesn't have to be hard.

Reaching your goals, doesn't have to be difficult.

Spending time with family should be relaxing, peaceful, and fun!

No matter where you're stuck in your business, a 45-Breakthrough Strategy Session togethe will move you from a place of lack or being still to place of abundance AND moving with purposeful action.

Book 1 of 6 complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Sessions NOW.

If you are feeling called to act, do so now, as spots are limited.

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